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  • ​RKM has been serving the medication monitoring needs of physicians since 2010.
  • RKM’s goal is to simplify and enhance the diagnostic testing process of patient medication monitoring for medical providers. We specialize in servicing Orthopedic, Pain Management, Industrial Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Physicians. RKM is focused on delivering timesaving and optimized urine drug testing solutions for physicians prescribing pain medications.
  • Our proprietary software and medication monitoring solutions help physicians and their staff more effectively and efficiently monitor their pain management patients, improving patient safety and outcomes.
  • The RKM Company Mission is to offer every client professional expertise, value and dedicated service specific to the unique healthcare, financial, operational, reimbursement and compliance issues they face. The company takes pride in its deliberate approach to understanding and responding to each client’s unique circumstances and needs.
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